BRUXELLES cracking down on “On Line PRIVACY”
Few days ago, the Italian parliament was discussing how to emend and approve the European Community request to limit the Privacy on online information sharing.
The explanation to this request was in leu to the increasing of terroristic attacks.
Italian Parliament is tied up with the election law and the last month of Mr. Gentiloni Government and future political elections and it is almost impossible for a law of this importance to be included in the “Milleproroghe” decree because it would have to be approved, by decree of the President Mattarella before, and that is unlikely to happen.
The focus of the attention is on what will happen to the privacy in Europe to start with, because the limitation ruling will be soon a presence all over the world.
It is a fact that for many years already, various governments have concentrated their attention to the possibility to create entities and media able to control this form of communication with the result to generate a ruling that will invest all the providers and it will force them to save all the sensitive and private information in the event of future investigations.
Obviously, this has been done for our protection from future terroristic attacks, but in my opinion, it goes far beyond that and there is not much, unfortunately, that we, end users, can do about it; we will have to realize that our privacy, the way that we have been used to, is just ended.
Earlier last year after reading about another teenager`s suicide as consequence of sexting/bullying I have decided to search for a solution.
Considering the impossibility to prohibit and even limit the usage of cellphones, the orientation was to find a way that would keep private what was meant to be private.
Our team was oriented on picture sharing protection and after few months of research and testing we decided that It was not possible to act directly on the item sent but we had to work on the development of a secure transmission pipeline where it could be a sharing but virtual, with no exchange of information.
We have been able to create CTC App where CTC is the acronym of Clock That Click that is our domain: and our Facebook page CTC.
Free to download and try, the Application creates a bridge between two users sharing private information. Pictures, email messages, PDF files and on can be uploaded to CTC Pipeline and then sender will have the possibility to set a life time of the information before sending to the receiving party.
A unique encrypted link is sent to the receiver that has the possibility to open it, visualizing the private information and activating the timer. Once 00:00 is reached, the information is deleted and cannot be retrieved. No copies can be made, or downloaded and the private information cannot be shared with others.
CTC App is sealing the privacy.
This system, thought to protect our kids from the misuse of pictures, can be useful for sharing any sensitive, private information. We like to say that Hillary Clinton would have used CTC App back then, probably the outcome of the elections would have been different.
After the testing, the CTC App user will have to purchase a 1-year license at the cost of $ 4.75, yes, four dollars and 75 cents, less than one hamburger.
The CTC App is currently available only for Android platforms at Google Play website and direct links can be found at:,, and
Future developments are including CTC App for Apple platforms and a canned version to be private labelled for the use inside the management of companies to protect
We wanted to start a fund-raising campaign using one of the numerous crowdfunding platforms, but we changed our mind because of the commissions charged on the money that we would have raised. Then we decided to open our doors to donations and other forms of participation.
Since we cannot offer shares a shareholder participation and we cannot consider the money received as investment, we still would love to reward your financial help in other ways.
If you are interested in being a part of CTC, we will be happy to have you! please contact us, business plan available upon request, and if you want to simply help us with a donation, you can do so by simply visiting one of our websites, we use PayPal:
Feel free to contact us anytime.
Our support is live 24/7 by phone: 1-702-508 4280, by email: or by live chat on every page.

Part of CTC App sales will be donated to our
Support Fund for No Kill Shelters because
Angels walk among us, sometimes they are unseen and have wings,
and sometimes they pant and lick our faces.

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