“Do you love me?”
The SMS wanted the answer and the girl wrote “Yes”
“How Much?”
“A lot, you know that…”
“Well … prove it to me …”
“How can I do that?”
“Send me a picture of yourself …”
“Why do you need a picture?”
“Because I miss you and I want to see you … you said that you love me … right?”
“Yes … but … “
“Oh, come on … take off your shirt … show me”
“No, you are crazy …”
Then after a little time, the girl takes off the shirt and standing in front of the mirror makes the boyfriend happy.
This is happening every day in every city in the whole world.
Can we stop it? No, we cannot. Can we take away the cell phones? NO, we cannot do it.
And then the girl can become a victim in the hands of a vengeful ex-boyfriend that sends the picture to his friends and classmates.
We have been reading of young lives ended abruptly because of slandering with the misuse of private sensitive pictures.
I have used the example most common these days, because it is the one that is often reported by the media but it does not stop there, adults are victims as well …
We are inclined to think that adulthood means maturity and experience of life, well it is not totally true: adults are victims as well, even to arrive to various forms of extortion.
In our kid’s world, a new form of “commerce” has been developed: the sexting. Sending hot pictures in exchange of something … Maybe the fact that there is no physical contact and the all actions starts and ends with pictures, is a justification of the act itself “I didn`t do anything wrong”.
But, of course, the problem is after, when we do not know where the picture will end.
And it does not end there, with pictures, but messages, documents and so on, sent by e-mail or with other ways of files transmission can be misuse and can come back to us to bite our butts: a good example is what happened to Hillary Clinton.
This is the problem! Do we have a solution?
No, we do not have a solution because we will have to enter inside the mind or eliminate the media of transmission, both impossible but we can curb the problem trying to limit the consequences.
We have created CTC App to give the possibility to the user to set a timer for sensitive information.
In few words, a picture or a file can have a life time set before sending, when the picture of file is open by the receiving party, the timer starts its countdown and when it reaches 00:00 the picture or files is destroyed. The encoded picture or file cannot be open outside CTC pipeline and copies as well.
Of course, this is only for “sensitive” material and it is the user choice in selecting what needs to be timed and sent through our pipeline.
We are aware that CTC App will not solve the problem, but we know that we are giving users the possibility to control the sensitive material that they are sending on line.
It is very simple.
CTC App can be download for free from Google Play directly or through the website for the direct link. Once installed (only for Android now) can be tested by sending up to tree pictures or files and after that a one year license must be purchase at the price of $ 4.75 (four dollars and seventy-five cents), yes, less than a hamburger.
The CTC App has also a camera software to take pictures.
Once the picture is selected gets uploaded in the system and the lifetime is set, then it is sent within the system. If the picture or file is sent outside our pipeline, it cannot be open. The receiving party receives the file and when the file is opened the timer starts. Once it reaches 00:00 the picture/ file is destroyed and eliminated from the system.
CTC App is not reinventing the wheel, but is creating a media for files transmission where safety is paramount and the meaning of Privacy is Privacy.
We have set the price for the application at a symbolic $4.75, little of a hamburger, to give the possibility to everybody to have access, why not free? Because a small price will give more attention to the CTC App itself and part of the revenues will be devolved to help No Kill Shelters all over the Country.
How much would you spend for the peace of mind? Is $ 4.75 too much?
CTC App can be a wonderful present for your kids and the girl at the beginning of this post could have sent the picture to the boyfriend after timing it at 10 minutes without being afraid the surfacing of the picture in some other PC in some other time.
“Wait” wrote the girl. She took off the shirt and ….
But she knew that CTC App was going to give her the possibility to set the lifetime of the picture.
She timed the picture to 7 minutes and … Send!
After all, those $4.75 were the best money that dad spent to keep PRIVATE, PRIVATE.
Maurizio Comelli
CTC App is available at: www.clockthatclick.com
24/7 Support by chat or phone: 1-704-508 4280
A CWS Application Development, Las Vegas, NV

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