How much would you pay for peace of mind?
You are a parent or a grandparent and you are worried about your kids that can be a victim of bullies or that they can be into selfies sent to friends for play and then have somebody misuse them with uncontrollable damages and maybe discover this when it is already too late.
Then … what to do since you just cannot take away the cellphones.
But, wait a minute … we are talking about kids but the problem is not only for them! Adults are exchanging pictures as well … or video clips or sensitive files with sensitive information.
All this material once is sent … is gone … you can trust the people that you are in contact with, but somebody can take advantage of situations.
Then, how much would you pay for your peace of mind?
How much would you pay for a canned system that is giving you the possibility to send information by e-mail in a secure environment that can give you the guarantee that your private information is protected and, moreover, that you can set an expiration time that will set the destruction of the files sent?
Yes, peace of mind not just for the kids but for everyone!

When we started to ask ourselves this question, it was last November and it happened after another suicide of a 13 years old girl in Italy. Yes, another … there was numerous suicide of youngsters caused by improper use of their private pictures and video clips.
This is a common phenomenon all over the world where young people are using their phones to exchange images and sometimes the recipient of those images is not what he supposed to be.
And, of course, we cannot take away the phones! We cannot prohibit the use of the camera and we cannot check how they use it.
Adults are more responsible and they just not commit suicide over some “information” that gets diverted from what it supposed to be used for.
Again … peace of mind is a paramount issue; how much would you spend for your peace of mind?
Well, as I was saying last November we started to analyze the possibility to create a way to curb the damage of information misuse.
We arrive at the conclusion that it is impossible to eliminate the problem and then we created an App able to curb it.
It took seven months but finally last Saturday CTC App v.1.0 was live on Google Play.
Clock That Click or simply CTC, is an App that can be downloaded for free and installed on Android platform, for now, Apple will be added later, to give you the possibility to set the lifetime of information before sending it to a recipient. When the attachment or e-mail is open, start the count down and when the 00:00 is reached the picture or movie or file is simply destroyed. The system works obviously inside the CTC boundaries. Files sent outside will not open.
CTC App is very simple to use and it can be tested for free.
The CTC Facebook page ( and our website ( they give all the information you may need, the hotlink to download CTC App even the support phone number that is active 24/7.
Oh, yes how much the peace of mind costs? Well … just US$ 4.75 (four dollars and seventy-five cents) for a 1-year license. Almost less than one hamburger.
This can be a wonderful gift for your kids and at the same time a reachable peace of mind.
Help us to spread the word! Talk to your friends about CTC App.
Thank you for your attention.
In conclusion, we like to say that if Hillary Clinton would have used our CTC App back then, probably today she would have been the President of the United States.

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