Yes. I do not have a cell phone, I do not own one and I am not planning to buy one in the near future.
Probably you may think that I am living outside the “normal” world, that I am a kind of eremite or such or that I am so dumb that I am not able to use one.
Honestly, I do not care, I love to be like this ... I love to be able to leave the house and do my things knowing that nobody can interfere with it because there is no milk, or the dog is running on the sidewalk.
Back, when I was in LA, the cell was a way to keep me awake during the drive back from Tustin after the office hours. The drive that in the morning was only 45 minutes changed in the evening into a monster drive of bumper to bumper, three long hours. No matter if you chose the 405, the 5 or the 10 or even the service roads … 3 hours 3, was the time.
Then you know the sentence and you do the best to keep yourself busy during the evening drive, you go to In n’ Out for a double-double with fries and a coke and then … you start to call friends … simply because the alternative is to fell asleep.
I left LA and, yes, the first thing that I did here in Brazil, was to buy a cell phone … soon to realize that nobody was calling me except my ex-girlfriend … I did not have friends and my contact with the US was through my Skype Number.
My cell phone was forgotten behind my desktop forever charging until one day the battery practically exploded … “well, I said to myself, who cares” and that was it until one day I entered in that situation in which you became part of the cellular-upgrading and being you at the bottom of the chain, you end up receiving the leftovers of the elite: those that know everything about cell phones and they have already planned the purchase of the iPod 15.! You are right! That`s what happened to me and I received a small, little, pocket size phone. I am sure that you remember those … when small was the first feature that you wanted to look for. It is a prepaid, you must charge it and if you do not use it you are losing the money that you put in … Well, tired of spending money for nothing … I let this phone go … beside … it was so small that it was even difficult to read!
But I realized that Netflix, for example, is asking your phone number to send you a verification SMS … well … I do not have a cell phone, I cannot receive SMS on my landline! Then Google too wants to verify you with an SMS and Microsoft as well … If you talk to support, they treat you like an idiot if you say that you do not have a cell, phone and honestly, I do not care.
It looks like the all world is moving from one tower to another. Yesterday morning I was walking to the store to buy fresh bread and I saw a young couple leaving their apartment and walking in the street one beside the other both digitizing in their huge phones without saying a word or even looking to each other … what happened to walking hand in hand?
Well … I am old that`s why I look things comparing them to what it was, and it surely was better back then!
The ridiculous is that I have developed an App, just for Android right now, that is aimed to protect privacy of the single individual.
The App was created by us at CWS with our Developing team in Mumbai and is available at www.clockthatclick.com. Yes, we named it Clock That Click or CTC: Clock That … Click or time that picture. It is a matter of fact, the App works in this way. You can take a picture or simply upload one that you have already and send it to a friend on CTC Network. Just before sending the picture you have the possibility to set its life time. When the timer reaches 00:00, the picture will be destroyed.
The same can happen for sensitive files or information that you will send to friend, coworkers and so on.
We like to say that if Hillary Clinton, back then, would have used our CTC App; probably today she would have been our President.
Well, we have placed our CTC App on Google Play and after the first hiccups it is finally available for free download and try and if you like it, you can purchase the 1 year license fee for $ 4.75, less than a double-double hamburger! Very little to pay for the peace of mind.
The picture exchanging among youngsters is a major problem these days and nobody knows where pictures will end up and the damage that can create when they surface again. Parents can set CTC App for the kids and be reassured that no information will run outside CTC system.
Well … that`s what we did but going back to me not having a cell phone, the funny part is that I was not able to test the CTC App and I had to rely on friend’s opinion and feedback.
Honestly, I like it this way simply because I do not rely only on my partisan opinion and if someone reports that something does not work the way that it supposed to, I do not fight back as I used to but I report the information to my developers and we work to solve the problem and/or make it better.
Well, this is the story of one of the few people that does not have or own a cell phone!
Visit us at: www.clockthatclick.com or our Facebook Page at: https://www.facebook.com/clockthatclick/ , you can call us anytime for any question you may have.
By the way, I have a question for you, how much would you pay for your peace of mind?

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