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A few years ago, after another desperate suicide of a teenager victim of private information turned public, we have decided that enough was enough and something needed to be done. After some thinking and testing, we created a safe way to share information. But it was the word sharing that represented the main problem. How can you share some information with somebody that you cannot trust? We then decided that sharing was ok, but not-sharing was even better. But how? Simply resuscitating the old concept of peer to peer transmissions on a secure pipeline. Our version 1.0 was giving the possibility to send/show the information and to set its life span. Before sending you had the possibility to establish the time for the receiver to watch or read what was sent another that the countdown was reaching the 00:00 and the file, picture, message or video was destroyed.

That was our 1.0, today we are presenting the PRIVIWEB App. Version 3.0 with a perfected interface and more complete set of services including a basic app full free to be downloaded and used, a pro app, and an office app. We realized that the system could be perfected and extended to other sectors such as e-mail or private messages including sending files always bearing in mind that they cannot be downloaded or shared and always with the possibility of establishing their lifetime. Cyberbullying and sexting can only be combated by eliminating the "exchange material". It is unthinkable that one can remove a mobile phone from a teenagers hands or limit the exchange of content between two lovers or consenting people. The solution lies in limiting the use that is regulated by the Peer to Peer transmission pipeline, the impossibility of sharing, downloading or copying or capturing and finally, establishing its lifetime. PRIVIWEB will be available in three versions: the basic downloadable version for free, the Pro version available with the purchase of an annual license and finally the PIMS (Private Instant Messaging System) customized for companies at managerial level with the purchase of annual licenses and fee based setup to the type of each installation. Instagram and Snapchat are offering the destruction of the material in 10 seconds after is posted but what is going to happen in those 10 seconds? The material can be copied, shared and downloaded. With PRIVIWEB this is not possible! Next January will be active the COPPA for collecting information on children under 13 years of age and there are also several States of the Union that are tracking down on images of teenagers posted online without the subject consent. But by then the damage is already done! PRIVIWEB represents the solution of the problem. Do you want to be part of this technological revolution? Here you have the opportunity.




We are glad to introduce our subscription program that will offer the possibility
to be a part of PRIVI WEB Version 3.0 development, launch and sales.


PRIVI WEB V. 3.0 is the new stage of development of our safe data transmission application to be released next April/May 2020.
In order to finance the development stage, we have created the subscription program that will offer the subscribers a percentage of the money generated by the sales of the App. The fund equaling the 20% of sales will be distributed among the subscribers at the end of each calendar year in relation to the number of subscriptions owned.
The purchase of subscriptions is cumulative, each subscriber can have several subscriptions.
Subscription purchase will start November 15, 2019 and the subscriptions will all expire at the end of the year 2022.
Subscribers will eventually participate at marketing surveys and other programmed initiatives aimed to generate marketing inputs and future Application additional developments.
Subscribers will receive The PRIVI WEB Newsletter a bimonthly information about the Application and its updates. The newsletter will also present the market, the laws and whatever can be of interest for the subscribers. A free license for PriviWeb App. V. 3.0 Pro will be attached to each subscription.
Subscriptions are presented to subscribers in 7 different packages:
a) 1 Subscription at the cost of US$ 50.00
b) 2 Subscriptions at the cost of US$ 100.00
c) 5 Subscriptions at the cost of US$ 250.00
d) 10 Subscriptions at the cost of US$ 500.00
e) 20 Subscriptions at the cost of US$ 1,000.00
f) 50 Subscriptions at the cost of US$ 2,500.00
g) 100 Subscription at the cost of US$ 5,000.00
The total number of subscriptions available to purchase is 2,000 and there are no maximum number of subscriptions that can be purchase by a single individual.
At the end of each calendar year (2020, 2021, 2022) a 20% of the sale revenues will generate a pool that will be divided among the subscribers in relation to the number of subscriptions owned and paid out.


For example:
At the end of the year 2020 the 20% of the total earnings is US$ 200,000.00 divided by 2000 subscription it will generate a payout of US$ 100.00 for each subscription
On a better projection the 20% of the total earnings is US$ 700,000 that will generate a payout of US$ 350.00 for each subscription that was paid $ 50.00
On the second year our projections are showing a 20% of earnings totaling $1,350,000 that will pay out $675.00 for each subscription that was paid $ 50.00
On the third year our conservative projections are showing the 20% at $ 2,700,000 that will pay out $1,350.00 for each subscription that was paid $ 50.00.
At the end of the third year (2022) all the subscriptions will expire.

Subscriptions can be purchased from this page using our PayPal button, just fill in the form, select the subscription package and then follow the PayPal instruction. Upon receipt of PayPal confirmation, your subscription will be generated and e-mailed to you. Subscription paid amount is not refundable.





The subscription purchase can be completed using PayPal or by:
By check or money order to Internet Financial Exchange, 9821 Twin Mill Street Las Vegas NV 89178
For other forms of payment, contact us




PRIVIWEB App.   Best Features

We have redefined Privacy on the Web! Feel safe to share private information, messages and even files and as added security establishing its life time.

awesome layout

Awsomenly easy to use and ready for smart phones, tablets, laptops and even desktops for a peer to peer sharing.

lifetime setting

Before sending the private information it is possible to set its lifetime. From few seconds to few hours once the countdown reaches 00:00 the shared information is deleted.

quick support

Worldwide first class support available 24/7 with our Virtual Assistants for a complete technical support and Application setting assistance.

free updates

Free updates are available for every package. Updates can be automatically downloaded and installed in users devices.

Private Branding

Designed for Company Managements as a private labeling is taylored for special needs where messaging has to be private.

organized team

Wherever necessary our team of experts will taylor application modification for private labeling and company managements..

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Lots Users

Love App

Numerous Projects


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of Coffe

Our Packages

PRIVIWEB App will be available in three different packages trying to match everybody`s need.



  • Set lifetime
  • Awesome Design
  • 100% Free Update
  • 24x7 Support
  • Messaging



  • Set Lifetime
  • Awesome Design
  • 100% Free Update
  • Layout Update
  • 24x7 Support
  • Messaging
  • Social Club
  • Cloud Service
buy now


From $125/Year

  • 10 GB Cloud Space
  • Awesome Design
  • 100% Free Update
  • Layout Update
  • 24x7 Support
  • 5 Email Address
  • Encription
  • Lifetime setting
  • Private branding
buy now

contact us

Please use this form to contact us for information on the release of the PRIVIWEB App. 3.0

+702 - 866 - 9138


Las Vegas, NV.